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Dual Register Energy Meter+

Dual Register Energy Meter+
Dual Register Energy Meter+
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Product Code : DM 136 FL
Product Description

Dual Register Energy Meter

A dual register Energy meter is  the one by which power consumption of DG Set and Grid power can be measured separately by using a single meter and power feeding lines instead of two different meters and two-power lines.

Benefits of Dual register metering:
Dual Register Energy Meter

keeps the wiring minimum as single power feeding lines are utilized for DG Set  as well as for Mains(Grid) power supply.

Model 136 FL, with RS port and inbuilt MDI, ISI marked


Though we have Power & Energy meters for segments like Industry, Panel builders & E Manufacturers but our main strength is in Residential & Commercial sectors (Flats, Malls).We have very innovative solutions for these segments. Our marketing team may be contacted for details. Also some view of that this catalogue itself provides.

  • As a Prepaid Dual Energy meter for 1Q/3Q application with inbuilt MD cut off with Energy Management System (EMS)
  • As a Postpaid Dual energy meter for1Q/3Q application with Energy Management System (EMS)

Features /specification of model no. 136 FL, with inbuilt MDI cutoff

  • Direct connect operation
  • Robust steel base
  • High overload
  • Less power consumption
  • Display of KW, KWH,  KW limit, ID No., CT ratio.  
  • Direct reading, No multiplying factor is used.
  • Registers & display the energy of dual sources independently.
  • KW limit, CT ratio, KWH limit can be set on site. 
  • LCD display: 2 lines 16-character
  • Load limit on DG and MAINS can be assigned independently.
  • Non-volatile memory for data storage.
  • Inbuilt contactors for auto cut-off up to 60 Amp.
  • RS 485 Communication port.
  • Meter communicates with PC through LAN interfacing.

Model no.137FL, 1Q/3Q Dual Energy meter, with RS port, 96x96 mm Size

Specification are are same as of above 136 FL except body case here it is Panel mounted type while in 136 FL meter it is wall mounted type.

Energy Management System:

These are of 2 types:

  • Prepaid: In a prepaid metering system, consumer purchases the energy units by making advance payments
  • Postpaid: In case of a post paid system the consumer consumes the power and pays the dues later on at the end of a month.

Key features: The Key features Energy Management system are:

  • Recovery of payments of energy consumption in advance by issuing coupons of certain amount to each consumer and then debiting their accounts in PC. In case of non balance/non payment by the user then power supply gets cuts off by the system automatically.
  • Helping in the Distribution of load as per DG capacity and requirement of users.  System controls Max. Demand(MD)  in case o  of DG sets and Grid supply separately thus cutting off the supply in case of excess load drawn by the user thus saving  the Gensets,Transformers from burning out due to excess load.
  • Provides Live load data, consumption records, line loss summary, payment records, coupon records, bill copy, faulty meters details on PC and internet.

For Technical Specification click here.